Should the NHL have the Hawks and Preds redo their series in case it was a big fluke?

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 06h49
No disrespect to the preds, I'm a firm believer that Nashville sweeping them is a huge fluke and robs the Hawks of truly accomplishing what their capable of. I've spent the last few days in pure disbelief and it just doesn't make sense to me. I've spent the entire regular season watching the Hawks play great hockey it's just not fair. If the Hawks lose again I will face that the Preds deserved the win, but I am just 100% sure it was a fluke and does a big disservice to the Hawks and the NHL.

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Bruce Cassidy Named 28th Head Coach Of The Boston Bruins

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 16h04

Pierre LeBrun included in ESPN cuts

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 18h36

ESPN is clearing house - Scott Burnside has been laid off

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 18h16

So in honour of the Leafs not winning the cup for the 50th year in a row, I called up a bakery in Toronto and had them make this cake for my uncle (a die hard Leafs fan)

Reddit /r/hockey | 25 Apr 20h25

Who's brilliant idea was it to have both the West games on the same day and both the East games on the same day?

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 05h27
So instead of two back to back games every day, we either get a pair of early games or a pair of late games, which means we have to keep flipping back and forth. Just awful, awful scheduling. Somehow I blame Rogers for this.

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Per source, Montreal Canadiens have come to terms with KHL free agent Jakub Jerabek.

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 17h06

Signs point to Wild not re-signing Martin Hanzal

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 17h54

Rod Stewart shows his pleasure at his son scoring his first goal for Great Britain

Reddit /r/hockey | 25 Apr 21h48

ESPN hockey writer Joe McDonald has been laid off

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 18h29

6 years ago today, Alex Burrows scored arguably the greatest goal in Canucks history

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 11h08

I made some minimalist 1080p wallpapers from the jerseys of each playoff team

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 05h36

Jason Gregor: It seems absurd Lady Byng Trophy winners almost always forwards, rarely defencemen

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 17h53

Brian Boyle never said he definitely wants to stay in Toronto

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 16h35
I listened to his [exit interview]( Here's the transcript from 3:18 to 3:40. It's the only time his future is mentioned: > Reporter: Are you open to coming back here if something could be worked out? > Brian Boyle: Yeah, for sure. I mean I think like I said - I meant what I just said, with everything down the line. It's something that - I'm not even sure where everyone stands so I'm not really thinking about it. I'm thinking about, again like I said, my wife, my son, and our baby that's on the way. He said he's open to returning to Toronto but...

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Coyotes 2017-18 season tickets to start at $400

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Apr 06h07