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Liste de repêchage 2018-2019

Encore une fois cette année, nous vous offrons notre liste de repêchage de plus de 350 joueurs et gardiens gratuitement.

Il est disponible en version PDF et EXCEL, afin que vous puissiez l'imprimer ou le modifier à votre guise.

The Blackhawks spent 14:58 of that game on the power play. A quarter of the game. And they lost.

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Dec 05h09

Humboldt bus crash survivor Ryan Straschnitzki's transport bus was recently hit by a truck. He was uninjured physically, but had his PTSD triggered. :(

Reddit /r/hockey | 09 Dec 21h28

Some interesting positioning by the Ottawa Senators as they try to cover a Bruin

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Dec 07h19

Boeser on his first goal today: “you just gotta laugh”

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Dec 02h05

Boeser gets his 2nd career hattrick & Pettersson gets his 2nd career 5 point game

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Dec 01h12

[NHL Player Safety] Toronto’s Zach Hyman has been suspended for two games for interference on Boston’s Charlie McAvoy.

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Dec 02h36

Mikko Koskinen has recorded his 3rd shutout of the year in a 1 - 0 Oilers victory over the Calgary Flames

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Dec 07h35

Flyer jersey thrown on the ice in Winnipeg

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Dec 01h42

New York Islanders call up Josh Ho-Sang

Reddit /r/hockey | 09 Dec 19h18

Tarasenko: "There is no consistency in our game. I apologize to all our fans. We can't play at home like this."

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Dec 02h07

Elias Pettersson has the most points in first 26 career games by a Swedish-born player since 1989-90

Reddit /r/hockey | 09 Dec 23h42

Daniel and Henrik Sedin each had one 5-point game. They combined to play more than 2600 #NHL games. Elias Pettersson has 2. He has played 26 NHL games

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Dec 07h14

Andy Greene bunts in the third own goal of the game for the Devils

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Dec 06h31

Carey Price, Pekka Rinne and other goalies are covered in bruises, and concerned for the future after the recent equipment change (FR)

Reddit /r/hockey | 09 Dec 23h24

Boeser with a lucky goal (credit u/PhenomenonYT)

Reddit /r/hockey | 09 Dec 23h16