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Brave hockey star Oskar Lindblom, 23, completes cancer treatment - fans flood twitter with votes for beloved Philadelphia Flyers player

Reddit /r/hockey | 02 Jun 21h10

Shaun Weiss (Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks) was in bad shape after an arrest in January but he now seems to be making good progress! The photo on the right is from January and the photo on the left is from April.

Reddit /r/hockey | 03 Jun 05h47

My opinion on all the anti-racism statements, as a black hockey fan

Reddit /r/hockey | 02 Jun 23h57
This is just my viewpoint, and I would like to hear everyone else's opinions, whether you are black, white, or anything in-between. Personally I am appreciative of all the statements individual players and organizations are making about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. It makes me happy to know that people do care about the black community and the racism we face. I wholeheartedly agree with Evander Kane, the more people that speak out, the better. Yes, many of the posts are similar and the black squares are low effort, but we will not achieve anything by telling people they didn't say or do enough. The problem is the racists, not the...

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Jonathan Toews continues to advocate on Instagram: "I was not giving a 'wink and a nod' to the violent and destructive behavior. Rather I am saddened and disappointed in myself that I didn't pay more attention..."

Reddit /r/hockey | 03 Jun 01h49

Carolina Hurricanes vs the Playoffs

Reddit /r/hockey | 02 Jun 17h33

[Kendall Coyne Schofield] From the bottom of my heart...'I was one of the people who initially thought Colin Kaepernick kneeling was disrespectful. I reacted to WHAT he was doing instead of WHY. Then I...'

Reddit /r/hockey | 03 Jun 04h17

TIL 2020 NHL Draft prospect Ozzy Wiesblatt has three brothers playing in the WHL/MJHL : Ocean Wiesblatt, Oasiz Wiesblatt and Orca Wiesblatt

Reddit /r/hockey | 03 Jun 07h45

After 72 years, it’s time to name Art Ross Trophy after Wayne Gretzky

Reddit /r/hockey | 02 Jun 17h27

Apparently the report that was posted earlier was false: Lindblom is still under treatment.

Reddit /r/hockey | 03 Jun 01h14
Russ Joy (@JoyOnBroad) Tweeted: Per a @NHLFlyers source, the report circulating about Oskar Lindblom having finished his cancer treatment is: "Inaccurate. He is not done treatment." #Flyers https://t.co/yNa7aqkN9N https://twitter.com/JoyOnBroad/status/1267923999188754434?s=20

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[Smith] Andrei Svechnikov is donating 2,500 disposable masks and 25 5.25-gallon containers of hand sanitizer to the Wake County Boys & Girls Clubs

Reddit /r/hockey | 03 Jun 02h31

Brendan Lemieux was suspended on the final night of the regular season. The league said it would decide on the suspension once return to play guidelines were announced. The Rangers are slated to play the Hurricanes in the qualifying round; are there any guesses on the length of his suspension?

Reddit /r/hockey | 03 Jun 04h10

TSN: A roundtable on racism with J.T. Brown, Matt Dumba, Blake Wheeler and Kurtis Gabriel

Reddit /r/hockey | 03 Jun 03h15

[Torre] I have just been told that dozens of disgruntled MSG employees are currently meeting, without Jim Dolan, to discuss Dolan's internal memo and position on this subject. It's the equivalent of a players-only meeting, except it's the non-player employees meeting.

Reddit /r/hockey | 02 Jun 21h20

PSA: Soul on Ice, a documentary about black hockey players with interviews from PK Subban, Wayne Simmonds, Trevor Daley and many more, is currently on Amazon Prime.

Reddit /r/hockey | 03 Jun 02h34
Free with Amazon Prime, worth a watch to see what a lot of black players went through growing up without representation in professional hockey.

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Evander Kane on white NHLers addressing racism: We need ‘strength in numbers’

Reddit /r/hockey | 02 Jun 23h12