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[Wyshynski] Canucks sign Jake Virtanen to a two-year contract with an AAV of $2.55 million

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 21h19

[Elliotte Friedman] Connor Brown and OTT settle at 3x$3.6M

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 16h02

[Seravalli] NHL players will be paid next week for the first time since April. All players who have a contract for 2020-21 season - and were frozen on roster at the pause - will be paid 8.1% of their '21 salary by Oct. 31

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 19h44

Source: Denis Gurianov signs two-year contract with Stars

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 22h49

[Matt Tidcombe] Update on the Brown last name situation: Connor Brown says that Logan Brown goes by 'Logie' but he and Josh Brown are going to have to figure out their nickname seeing as they both go by 'Brownie.'

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 22h16

[Colorado Avalanche] New name. New future. Same memories. (Arena Name Change)

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 18h18

Milestone sponsorship deal keeps pro women’s hockey association goals in sight (PWHPA with a sponsorship of $1 million by the deodorant company Secret)

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 18h51

Hulu is losing access to Regional sports networks

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 19h17

Flames sign forward Dominik Simon to a one-year contract with an AAV of $700,000.

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 22h13

[Seravalli] NHL officially announces the postponement of the 2021 Winter Classic (Minneapolis) and 2021 All-Star Game (Florida).

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 23h32

TIL that since the pandemic break that started last spring, only 26 players have signed contracts worth $10 million or more in the NHL, according to CapFriendly. 15 teams have signed none, 10 teams have signed 1 player and MTL has signed 5.

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 20h54
Sources: ------------------ Guillaume LeFrançois - La Presse - [article in which he made this claim](https://www.reddit.com/r/Habs/comments/jfyxqm/entrevue_avec_geoff_molson_les_attentes_sont_plus/) (reddit link with english translation) [Cap friendly link](https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/active/2021/signing-date/all/all/ufa) for those who want to further research the topic.

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What is your hockey hot take?

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 22h38
Mine is that while I don’t think either are Hall of Famers, Ryan Miller is more deserving of a hall of fame induction than Marc-Andre Fleury

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[theScore] Habs' Julien: Our developing players made Domi 'expendable

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 23h14

r/hockey does a Ouija Board.

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 21h43
Rules are simple, ask a question and we all give the answer 1 letter at a time. If you need examples check out /r/AskOuija or [this thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/6rywz0/rhockey_ask_ouija/) from 3 years ago.

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[Frank Seravalli]Hearing former Panthers asst GM Eric Joyce is joining the Leafs in a role expected to be Director of Hockey Strategy.

Reddit /r/hockey | 22 Oct 17h30