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NHL Picks Hub Cities

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 18h29

Chicago Blackhawks to keep name, commit to ‘expand awareness’ of Black Hawk’s legacy

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Jul 04h13

Oskar Lindblom: ”I just thought I was banged up from a game. I'm really thankful my girlfriend forced me to go to the hospital.” (Article in Swedish)

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 14h04

[NHLPA] The NHLPA's Executive Board has approved the tentative CBA and referred it to the NHLPA Membership for a ratification vote.

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Jul 07h00

Alkali Braves (1932) in Vancouver to play the Commercials

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 20h07

in 2006-07 Marty Turco recorded 3 shutouts in a single playoff series and still lost.

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 17h16
His stat line for that series: GP: 7 W: 3 L: 4 MIN: 509 GA: 11 SO: 3 GAA: 1.30 SV%: 0.952 ​

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Williams hungry for another Cup: 'I didn't come back to play 20 games'

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 22h18

r/hockey Survivor 2020: Introduction

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Jul 02h59
Hello all and welcome to the Island! ^^not ^^the ^^NY ^^one For anyone familiar with it, this is the fourth time this event’s been run on r/hockey, and the third time by me. 32 teams enter, one team wins. This year, we’ll be running it through July, with the Finals roughly coinciding with the start of the playoffs. #Now, here's some ground rules: >-**Keep all discussion within the r/hockey Survivor threads and approved threads on team subs.** Don't pester the rest of the fanbase. >-**Be respectful.** Light-hearted banter and your standard trash talk is okay. Basically, just adhere to the first thing on the r/hockey sidebar. &g...

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[TSN] Insider Trading: Return to Play daily schedule taking shape

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Jul 00h28

Took this picture 3 years ago while I was out playing hockey by the sunrise.

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 22h24

[Andy Eide, NHLtoSeattle] Delay in Palm Springs arena could cause AHL scramble for NHL Seattle

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Jul 01h34

[Russo] (on whether the change to the CBA regarding players such as kaprizov, romanov is permanent or one year only) “Goes back to the normal cba rule in future years.”

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Jul 02h56

At 18 years old, would you rather have Malkin or Eric Lindros?

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Jul 02h48
Piggy backing off of a previous post about Thornton vs Lindros, I saw a couple people mention a "hypothetical Lindros" being better. So I was wondering if an 18 year old Malkin and Lindros were available in the 2020 draft, who would you prefer? Considering that Lindros would likely not suffer the concussions and other injuries he had in the 90s, he would likely carve out a similar career to Malkin. I think it really comes down to Lindros' 1996 vs Malkin's 2012 peak and if you think Lindros would be a more consistent contributor

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Why do the Blue Jackets, Panthers, Kings, Canadiens, Sharks and Blues not have ECHL affiliates?

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Jul 00h50
Is there a reason behind why these teams don’t affiliate with an ECHL team? There are 26 ECHL teams, one of which is independent (no affiliate). That leaves 6 NHL teams without an affiliate. Isn’t it an advantage to have an ECHL team?

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[Karl Malmquist] Bjorkloven announce Kevin Poulin Signing on Instagram with a slight mistake in the graphic

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Jul 22h35