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The Montréal Canadiens will face the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 May 06h39

McDavid has more points in his last 10 games than Detroit's leading scorer (Filip Hronek) had all season

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 May 03h07
McDavid's last 10GP: 9-19-28 Hronek's season (56GP): 2-24-26

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What is Violence Anyway?

Reddit /r/hockey | 11 May 17h24

[BOS 1 - [2] WSH] Raffl with an unreal sharp angle snipe to win the game with 3 seconds left in the 3rd

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 May 05h31

During a special pre-game ceremony, the Winnipeg Jets give Stastny a silver stick to commemorate 1000 games. They also gave 2 smaller silver sticks for his daughters.

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 May 04h19

Ovechkin fails to reach 30 goals for the first time in his NHL career

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 May 06h05
Hopefully next season will be 82 games and he'll be back at it.

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The Winnipeg Jets will face the Edmonton Oilers in the first round

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 May 06h38

Giroux has the potential assist of the year with no look skate pass to Couturier

Reddit /r/hockey | 11 May 16h58

[Nick Alberga] Thanks to SNstats & the NHL for confirming: Saturday will mark the first time in NHL history that a regular season and a playoff game are taking place on the same date. Pretty cool.

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 May 00h40

Vladimir Putin Dominates, Scores 8 Goals In ‘All-Star’ Hockey Game That Was Totally Legit

Reddit /r/hockey | 11 May 20h49

As an Oilers fan living in Calgary...

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 May 04h37

Pekka Virta, HC of Lukko who just won the Finnish championship. Spent 27 days in ICU because of COVID-19 in February.

Reddit /r/hockey | 11 May 22h42

Laine in YLE interview (in finnish): "I can't even stand hockey right now. [This season] was an absolutely miserable experience team-wise and personally. Only good thing is that the season is over. Everything that could've gone wrong, went wrong." (tweet translation in comments)

Reddit /r/hockey | 11 May 20h00

[Remis] Winnipeg Jets release commemorative logo for Paul Stastny's 1000th game, featuring the number font for the Jets, Golden Knights, Blues & Avalanche.

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 May 01h06

[Dreger] Arizona’s Darcy Kuemper and Adin Hill are Canada’s goaltenders.

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 May 04h53