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[EdmontonOilers] UPDATE: Oilers & Condors forward Colby Cave is out of emergency surgery at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Doctors removed a colloid cyst that was causing pressure on his brain. He remains in a medically-induced coma. Emily & his family ask for continued thoughts & prayers.

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 02h40

CCM is donating 500,000 surgical masks to healthcare workers to help fight COVID-19

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 17h43

Statement From Emily Cave, Wife Of Colby Cave

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 00h19

Dirty dangles.

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 06h12

[Oilers] Oilers & Condors forward Colby Cave has been placed in a medically-induced coma & admitted to the critical care unit at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto after suffering a brain bleed overnight.

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Apr 21h48

TIL one of the top prospects for the 2022 Draft is Jack Hughes, who played for the USNTDP this year and is completely unrelated to the other Jack Hughes

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 09h24

TIL Georges Vezina's nickname was "The Chicoutimi Cucumber" for his cool play under pressure. What's the best old-timey hockey nickname?

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 18h00

[watson.ch] SC Bern appoints former Swiss Goalkeeper Florence Schelling as new GM. It's the first time that a Woman holds this position in Swiss professional hockey (source in german)

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 13h34

Former ref Kerry Fraser tells an incredible story about his emotional reconciliation with Theo Fleury

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 18h46
[Kerry wrote this story for the Players' Tribune back in 2016,](https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/2016-6-7-kerry-fraser-nhl-referee-stories) but I stumbled across it today and was really struck by his story about reconciling with Theo Fleury. The whole article is well worth reading, but here's a short excerpt: >Four years [after Fleury threw a helmet at Fraser], I was reffing a game in New York when Theo came up to me with tears in his eyes. “Kerry, you gotta do something,” he said. >Theo had just gotten back to the ice after some time in a rehab program. At the time, I didn’t know the extent of his past trauma wit...

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Here lies Columbus' hopes and dreams

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Apr 15h27

[The Stanley Cup] The Playoffs would’ve started today. My day would’ve consisted of appearances, greeting excited fans and gearing up for the best postseason in sports. Instead, I’m self-isolating in my case until it is safe to come out again. Don’t worry, though… I’m comfy in here.

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 19h16

The day former amateur hockey goaltender Jack Lazorko brought his goalie skills to an MLB pitchers mound

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 01h16

Vladimir Tarasenko “the best way to know how to beat a goalie is to practice being the goalie”

Reddit /r/hockey | 07 Apr 20h37

Not so-Fun fact: the only number currently not being worn in the NHL is number 69.

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 04h28
Not nice. EDIT: Yes, 66 and 99 are also not being used (although Ho sang does use 66 and was very recently active) I should just say the fun fact is that 69, 66, and 99 are the only numbers not in use. Respect to the legends!

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Babyface Ovechkin returns

Reddit /r/hockey | 08 Apr 04h41