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Woman arrested in Quebec City for selling fake Alexis Lafreniere Peewee hockey cards

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 19h36

Even Hrudy’s button decided to check out of this game.

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 05h24

[The Onion] Hockey Hall Of Fame Debuts Interactive Exhibit Letting Fans Play With Game-Used Teeth

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 19h18

The Vancouver Canucks are giving away a Reverse Retro Jersey for every goal they score; however they have scored 0 goals through 2 games

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 08h31
https://twitter.com/Canucks/status/1365133232438718464?s=20 For Clarification: they have scored 0 goals through the 2 games they have held this giveaway

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Pionk fulfills a family promise by finishing his university degree

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 20h57

Malcolm Subban earns his first shutout as a Blackhawk

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 05h24
Saves all 26 shots against for the win over Columbus

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Connor McDavid is the first to 40 points this year with 14 goals and 26 assists in 22 games!

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 08h27
Pacing for 101 points in the 56 game season and 149 points in an 82 game season. The Oilers are 11-2 in their last 13

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40 years ago today, the North Stars and Bruins set a record for most penalty minutes in a game that would stand for 23 years.

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 18h45

[Prashanth Iyer] Detroit has hit 0-for-40 on the power play. 19 more to go for the record!

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 05h40

[PIT 0 - [2] WSH] TJ Oshie scores one handed while falling

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 05h06

[Rick Fraser] So we wished Brian a Bon-voyage with a Sens win. Brian Fraser passed away tonight after a hard fought battle. We know he is at peace and looking for ways to watch down on us

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 21h08

[Clipperton] Auston Matthews (wrist) is not on the ice as the Leafs begin practice. Jake Muzzin (sporting a full cage) and Joe Thornton (lower body) have joined their teammates, while Frederik Andersen (lower body) was on the ice before the full session.

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 21h05

Hawks Commercial Game is 🔥🔥🔥

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 06h11

[OTT-CGY] Rittich, mad at both himself and his team, headbutts the door after leaving the ice.

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 04h23

[CJ Turtoro] Since NJ returned to play on February 16th, there are 88 NHLers who have logged 90+ minutes of 5v5 ice time. Only two have not surrendered a goal in that time: 1) Ty Smith 2) Damon Severson

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Feb 20h41