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Liste de repêchage 2016-2017

Encore une fois cette année, nous vous offrons notre liste de repêchage de plus de 350 joueurs et gardiens gratuitement.

Il est disponible en version PDF et EXCEL, afin que vous puissiez l'imprimer ou le modifier à votre guise.

Ryan Dzingel makes an 'Appreciation Post' for Duchene

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 23h06

Five years ago, for their 60th anniversary, CBC's Hockey Night in Canada dropped probably the best intro to a hockey broadcast ever.

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 18h25

What each NHL team does with the hats thrown on the ice during a hat trick (via Hockey News Magazine)

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Aug 02h25

Ryan Ellis: “I'm getting paid more than enough to play hockey... It was just about coming across a fair deal that would work for both sides. We have other guys that need to be signed in the future, and I had to do my part to keep this thing going in the right direction."

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Aug 00h06

You guys like this new Canucks Jersey?

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Aug 07h51

What an NHL Referee Job Post Looks Like

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 21h25

Every Hockey Player from ESPN's Body Issue

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Aug 03h50

KB3's instagram post about Rypien

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 20h45

Old photo of mine on Excelsior Bay - Lake Minnetonka, MN. Fish were visible through the ice. The puck ran for seemingly miles.

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 22h01

[TSN] The Leafs are actively shopping Calvin Pickard

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 23h57

John Bartlett joining Sportsnet, will call HNIC and Leafs regional games. Paul Romanuk out.

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 21h12

TIL: After starting his career as his backup in Chicago in 1990 and dueling with him in the 1999 Finals, Dominik Hašek also faced Ed Belfour in the first shootout in league history in 2005.

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Aug 00h59
The shootout took place on October 5th, 2005, the first day of the 2005/06 season. Hašek stopped both shots he faced, and his Senators defeated Belfour’s Maple Leafs ~~3~~ 2-0 in the shootout, thereby winning the game 3-2. Notably, neither man was still on the teams they had faced off against in the ‘99 Finals, with Belfour leaving the Stars and signing with the Leafs in 2002 and Hašek being traded away from Buffalo in 2001 and signing with the Sens in 2005.

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Kris Versteeg very close on a deal in the KHL

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Aug 01h48

Elias Lindholm in a Flames jersey for the first time

Reddit /r/hockey | 17 Aug 07h14

[Comeau] The one defenseman most ignored in the NHL Top 20 rankings: Jaccob Slavin

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 21h09