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[Bob McKenzie] Thank you. 🙏

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 15h41

[NHL] No positive test results among 7,245 tests administered during the second week of phase 4 return to play

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 21h31

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been eliminated in 5 games from the Stanley Cup Qualifiers by the Columbus Blue Jackets

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 06h27

John Tortorella, asked how good a player he was: "Zero talent. Zero. I just enjoyed competing and I did compete, I played hard. But the league I was in, I belonged in."

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 19h19

[Alison] Tortorella opens his availability with a statement: Says “he can’t get over people ripping Sheldon Keefe and his staff. Some of the things I saw and read last night…some of the things he’s criticized for are beyond me. “I want to support him and his staff.”

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 21h09

[ESPN] The Maple Leafs have now lost 6 consecutive playoff series, 4 of which have involved winner-take-all games. Only the Panthers have a longer active drought without winning a postseason series.

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 16h31

Next season, the Maple Leafs have a chance at NHL history...

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 18h00
The Toronto Maple Leafs are currently at 53 consecutive Cup-less seasons (1967-68 season to present). The New York Rangers had 53 consecutive Cup-less seasons from 1940-41 to 1992-93, winning the Cup in the 54th season. If the Maple Leafs do not make the playoffs, or get eliminated, next season, they will make NHL history with 54 consecutive seasons without a Stanley Cup win. **EDIT: This is actually incorrect. I forgot that 2004-05 was not a season. So the Leafs are at 52 consecutive Cup-less seasons, which means they will need two more Cup-less seasons to surpass the Rangers. We will reconvene to shitpost about the Leafs after they ar...

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RIGGED! For tonight’s draft lottery, I’ve compiled a list of angry mindless copypastas for you to spam when that team you hate inevitably gets the #1 pick because it’s all fucking rigged

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 22h26
**If the Edmonton Oilers get the #1 draft pick, just say:** RIGGED! Fucking Oilers yet again Jesus Christ how many #1 picks is the NHL gonna GIFT to this fucking team? Might as well just GIVE it to them every year until they get a Cup dynasty again! Never gonna be as good as the 80s Oilers or something, Fuck you Bettman! **If the Toronto Maple Leafs get the #1 draft pick, just say:** RIGGED! Fucking Laffs about to get yet ANOTHER forward to waste on this shit cursed team! Can’t wait for this kid to be an OVERPAID DIVA like the rest of their stacked forwards. Auston Matthews should have been enough or something, Fuck you Bettman! **If t...

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[John Shannon] I rarely, if ever, criticize my former employers. But I am so disappointed in both Rogers and the NHL for not respecting the tradition of Saturday Night for HNIC. Surely there could have been some thought to putting 1 of the 3 remaining Canadian teams in that familiar window.

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 18h52

Tallon Out as Panthers GM

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 16h19

Every season since John Tavares joined the Maple Leafs, the Islanders have made it further in the post season.

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 06h36

NHL Unable to Decide Which Team to Rig Draft Lottery For | Zone Coverage

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 20h47

Printable 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs bracket I made, hope you guys like it!

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 18h15

The Tampa Bay Lightning will face the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 06h28

With the Maple Leafs' loss to the Blue Jackets, Toronto sports teams are now 0-5 in postseason series against teams from the State of Ohio.

Reddit /r/hockey | 10 Aug 20h08
**Raptors** Lost to Cavaliers 4-2 in 2016 Eastern Conference Finals Lost to Cavaliers 4-0 in 2017 Eastern Conference Semifinals Lost to Cavaliers 4-0 in 2018 Eastern Conference Semifinals **Blue Jays** Lost to Indians 4-1 in 2016 American League Championship Series **Maple Leafs** Lost to Blue Jackets 3-2 in 2020 Qualifying Round *EDIT* **Toronto FC** did beat Columbus Crew 1-0 on aggregate in the 2017 MLS Cup Conference Finals, though this was not a "best-of" series.

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