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Sneak peak at Big Walt preparing Matthew and Brady Tkachuk for their 1st All-Star game

Reddit /r/hockey | 23 Jan 18h30

Does anyone want to see a ticket from the last all star game in St. Louis? My pops handed this to me one day. I thought it was pretty cool.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Jan 03h53

[Hayes] It was me! #FreeGritty Legal fees on me

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Jan 02h52

Elvis Merzlikins in his past five games: 5-0-0, 1.00 GAA, .970 save percentage, three shutouts

Reddit /r/hockey | 23 Jan 20h48

Atlanta’s Tommy Marchin wins ECHL All-Star Accuracy contest in 2.365 secs

Reddit /r/hockey | 23 Jan 15h28

10 years ago, the NHL launched its "History Will Be Made" campaign to promote that year's playoffs. It's still one of the best sets of commercials the NHL has done. Also ten years ago, Henrik Sedin clinched the Art Ross Trophy with four points in Game 82 vs CGY. Here is my tribute to that moment.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Jan 00h26

[Hailey Salvian] Just spoke with a representative from the NHL. The 20 women going to All-Star are being paid. They were paid last year. And will certainly be paid this year. The amount has not been made public for the men OR women.

Reddit /r/hockey | 23 Jan 21h18

[How-to] So you wanna make clips for r/hockey? Here's how to get started!

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Jan 04h59
So you see a play in one of the hockey games you’re watching, and you think “Hey, I’d like to see everyone else’s reaction to this!” You go to r/hockey, and much to your dismay, you see that no one has posted a clip. Now here you can do one of two things. You could either go on with your life, like a normal person, or make a clip yourself! If you choose the second option, then I’m sure you have a few questions. “What software should I use to record?”, “Where do I upload them?”, “I know r/hockey has some rules for titles, so how do I title them?” "Is cereal soup?" How many holes are in a straw?". I'll try to answer as many as I can! ___ **...

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NHL All-Star Skills participants announced

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Jan 04h43

The Best All-Star Jerseys! 1996-97.

Reddit /r/hockey | 23 Jan 16h16

NHL All-Star Game's Honorary Captains: Jon Hamm, Jenna Fischer, Brett Hull, Wayne Gretzky

Reddit /r/hockey | 23 Jan 21h14

Let’s play the Toronto media game again! You say something positive about your own team, and we’ll try to make it negative and controversial.

Reddit /r/hockey | 23 Jan 19h05
A year ago this thread was lots of fun, so let’s try again. Simmons, once again, take notes bud.

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Kris Letang did not participate in ASG Media Day and is not on the roster for the Skills Comp tomorrow. No one knows why.

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Jan 05h35

NHL, Blues, Bauer make long-term investment to grow women's hockey in STL

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Jan 05h51

Ken Holland said he didn’t know severity of McDavid’s injury upon taking Edmonton Oilers GM job

Reddit /r/hockey | 24 Jan 02h36