TRADE: Scott Darling will receive number 33 from Derek Ryan in exchange for one dinner, one gift card(to whole foods) and three goals per practice.

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 02h18

Ian Mendes on Twitter: Methot's first game with Dallas will be against Vegas. Could be an emotional night as he faces teammates he was with for 5 whole days.

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 05h12

Marc Methot is a Dallas Star. Awaiting return details.

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 04h15

"Thank You, Pittsburgh" by Marc-Andre Fleury

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Jun 18h34

Scott Darling and Derek Ryan negotiate jersey numbers

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 00h33

HHOF Class of 2017: Teemu Selanne, Paul Kariya, Dave Andreychuk, Mark Recchi, Danielle Goyette, builders Clare Drake and Jeremy Jacobs

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Jun 23h03

[Pagnotta] The Stars acquire Marc Methot from Vegas for Dylan Ferguson (picked 194th overall on Saturday) and a 2020 2nd round pick

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 04h42

"I look forward to passing it to some of the guys that can actually score" - Mike Smith

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 01h37
Per FAN960

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Lebrun on Overdrive: "I honestly believe that Colorado's ownership no longer cares about the team".

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 01h31
Pretty respected insider making a pretty big claim on Toronto radio just now. I have little knowledge on the situation in Colorado, this could explain why Sakic is still has a job. Colorado fans, is their any evidence to support Lebrun's claim? I also would like to point out that this is his opinion on the matter. He is credible enough that he wouldn't make this claim without some understanding of the situation in Colorado.

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Pavel Lysenkov: Recently, I met with Patrick Kane, he was sitting next to me. Artemi gave a message to Kane. This Patrick asked me: "Tell Panarin, that I love him."

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 05h17

Hamonic was asked about keeping up his charity in Calgary...question didn't get finished before he jumped in and said it was already being worked on.

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 02h30

Kariya says Teemu called him to let him know he was inducted into HHOF.. he was out surfing.

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 00h33

Hey everyone, I finished my 2nd season covering the NHL in MN. Here are my favorite images I took over the season!

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Jun 19h24

Zack Kassian has agreed to terms with EDM on a three-year deal worth a total of $5.85M.

Reddit /r/hockey | 26 Jun 21h56

Yakupov interested in signing with the Canucks

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 Jun 01h07