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Liste de repêchage 2018-2019

Encore une fois cette année, nous vous offrons notre liste de repêchage de plus de 350 joueurs et gardiens gratuitement.

Il est disponible en version PDF et EXCEL, afin que vous puissiez l'imprimer ou le modifier à votre guise.

[Lu] Panarin won’t face #Habs tonight due to illness. Torts was emphatic that Panarin’s absence is not to protect a potential trade asset: “He’s SICK... he shit his pants and he’s puking his guts out.”

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 02h17

The St. Louis Blues set a new franchise win streak record with 11 straight wins!

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 06h47
With a 3-2 win in OT over the Leafs the Blues set a new franchise win record!

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Parayko shoots the puck so hard no one realizes it went in the net for thirty seconds

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 05h13

Matt Duchene will not play in games leading up to the Trade Deadline

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 02h03
Just announced on TSN by Darren Dreger.

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80 goalies have played in at least 2 NHL games this year, meaning that once Cam Talbot gets in for the Flyers, 10% of all NHL goalies this year will have played for the Flyers.

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 00h16

The Hurricanes have sold the "Jerk" Shirt in 48 different states plus 6 different provinces

Reddit /r/hockey | 19 Feb 22h33
[Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/canes/comments/asd92k/almost_1700_jerks_confirmed_in_just_over_24_hrs/egtmsmb/) is the source

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Brayden Point will be benched tonight for missing a team meeting

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 02h45

Leafs vs Blues full Overtime

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 06h53

Brad Marchand said the Bruins wanted a win ... but they also wanted to see Joe Thornton score a fourth goal -Matt Porter on Twitter

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 00h08

New Jersey Devils' 90's Night Intro for tonight's game against Pittsburgh Penguins. You won't regret watching it.

Reddit /r/hockey | 19 Feb 21h40

Dunn lays out Kadri with a huge open ice hit

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 04h32

Wild fans did the wave after MIN went up 4-1 against NJ. They've been outscored 12-0 in the 152 minutes since

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 06h41
0-3-1 on the "must-win" homestand, GM Paul Fenton has to believe this team will be full-blown sellers at the deadline.

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Their was a fork in the penalty box during the penguins devils game.

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 05h50

Lost in the Kucherov hype is the fact Brayden Point is now 4TH in the league in scoring with 35 goals, 78 points.

Reddit /r/hockey | 19 Feb 17h57
He also leads the league in Powerplay goals with 17, and is a plus 20. ​ He is an RFA. Any other team this guy gets 11+ easily on a long term deal. Probably deserves 12+. Even on Tampa magic contracts his minimum has to be at least 10/10.5 now no? Go Point!

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The St. Louis Blues shutout streak has come to an end at 233:50

Reddit /r/hockey | 20 Feb 06h18
The shutout streak ends at 233 minutes and 50 seconds with a third period goal from Zach Hyman.

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