The NHL will officially be represented at Montreal's Pride Parade on Sunday, giving out sponge pucks that say Hockey Is For Everyone

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 15h32

At a restaurant in Nova Scotia

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 19h20

Michael Grabber during a photo shoot at the 2006 entry draft

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 17h00

Over 2 months late for this, but here's The Road to the 2017 Stanley Cup, Pokémon Edition.

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 01h10

Evgeni Malkin, talking about the possibility of Olympic participation: "I am not Ovechkin. Putin doesn't call me."

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 07h51

Hockey mom Céline Dion cheering for her son is exactly the pick-me-up we all need this week

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 15h36

Mats Zucarello is Player of The Year in Norway, awarded the Golden Puck

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 17h11

Defenseman Alexei Marchenko has signed 3-year contract with his former team CSKA Moscow

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 17h54

The most dominant Chicago BlackHawk, season by season

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 17h39
I decided to take a look at who the most dominant player for the Chicago Blackhawks was by season. Each season's highest PPG total is shown at an 82 game pace. Here are the results. Obviously this doesn't take most defenseman and goalies into account. Not sure how to account for that properly. ________________ 1926-27 - Dick Irvin (68.65pts): 8.65 point lead over Babe Dye 1927-28 - Duke Keats (56.38pts): 8.55 point lead over Mickey MacKay 1928-29 - Vic Ripley (31.35pts): 16.44 point lead over Johnny Gottselig 1929-30 - Tom Cook (60pts): 7.44 point lead over Johnny Gottselig 1930-31 - Johnny Gottselig (62.48pts): 8.43 point lead over ...

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Is there a player that most people like and no one hates?

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 18h44
My first thought would be someone like Zuccarello, I haven't seen someone who hates the hobbit

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Barkov trying to add the Pavel Barber fake Slapper to his arsenal

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 03h56

Who Is A Player That You Believe Is Not As Good As They Are Made Out To Be?

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 19h03
Can be in today's game or all time. For me, that player is OEL. Of course he is great, but I don't really think he is a top 10 defensemen. His decision making can be questionable. Who is that player for you guys?

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NHL Rumours: Pastrnak waiting on Oilers' Draisaitl contract?

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 10h38

Canucks meeting with UFA Alexander Kerfoot today

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 19h19

31 in 31: Montreal Canadiens

Reddit /r/hockey | 16 Aug 14h15