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[Daniel Carcillo] Steve Montador had 19 documented concussions in the NHL. He was cleared for his 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th concussion in a span of 12 weeks when we played together on the Blackhawks. It killed him & I fight to hold those responsible, accountable.

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 17h19

Peter Forsberg on 7 year old son Lennox: "I've told him he can't hit the other kids but he just says 'but you did that all the time dad'"

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 13h00
Peter Forsberg was famous for his physical style of play and apparently his son, seven year old Lennox, [is just the same.](https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/hockey/a/Jow98m/foppa-om-sonen-han-skyller-jamt-pa-domaren) – He always blames the referee if his team lost a game. He probably got that from me. – I wasn't as physical as him is when I was his age, and I've told him that he's not allowed to hit the others. He just says "but you did that all the time dad" and I answer "no, not all the time, it just looks like that on the highlights on youtube". – When there's a player lying in a corner somewhere it's always him that did someth...

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Peter DeBoer is out as SJ coach. Again, a hockey decision — nothing else.

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 03h47

Ron Hainsey on hitting 1,100 NHL games: "I don’t really sit around counting games...We’re the only sport that counts games like this. I’m a big sports fan and I couldn’t tell you many games Derek Jeter has played or LeBron James has played."

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 16h05

[Frank Seravalli] Money that’s kind of difficult to wrap your brain around in the hockey world. The highest paid #NHL player this season (Mitch Marner, $16 million) is at $1.2 million every two weeks.

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 16h53

Cayden Primeau voted 1st star in his first NHL win, gets a big ovation from the Bell Centre crowd

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 16h04

Ottawa's new powerplay breakout strategy

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 05h11

Friedman on Montgomery firing "The evidence Dallas had was airtight. The documentation they had was airtight."

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 20h35
[7:00 minutes into the latest 31 thoughts podcast.](https://podcast.sportsnet.ca/31-thoughts/dec-12-2019-definitely-not-the-bored-of-governors-meetings/) I'll update this post if Friedman says anything else interesting but I thought the use of "documentation" was notable.

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Edmonton Oilers have gone up in value $405 million US since Daryl Katz bought the team

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 17h46

We all know that the Detroit Red Wings have lost 12 games in a row. Do you think they have a shot at breaking the record held by the expansion Capitals who had 17 losses in a row? Their next 6 games are vs. Winnipeg, @Montreal, vs. LA, vs. CBJ, @ Toronto, and vs. Arizona.

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 19h16

[Filipovic] There have been 5 coaching changes in the NHL since the Detroit Red Wings last won a game

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 03h51

[Renaud Lavoie] The Montreal Canadiens are denying the info that some players were spied via their personal phones.

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 17h13

Red Wings recall Fillip Zadina and Dylan Mcllrath a day after sending them down

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 18h42

Oshie dekes his way through the defense, draws a penalty and still scores

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 04h26

The Colorado Avalanche are now #1 in the Western Conference

Reddit /r/hockey | 12 Dec 08h11
With their win today over the Flyers, the Avalanche sit at 43 points, passing the Blues at 42 points. The Avs have also only played 31 games to the Blues' 32. In 2017 the Avalanche had 48 points. Total. Whole year.

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